December 22: Moon conjunct Mars in Scorpio

December 22: Moon conjunct Mars in Scorpio


The loss that injures and deepens our hearts is a frequent color across the astrological tapestry of the sky, as it is with the symbolism of the day. The new moon, solar eclipse on Christmas day highlights the issues and problems happening with Jupiter, often about children or teachers, and also about depression or struggle.

Jupiter’s challenges are hardest on Sagittarius and Pisces natives, but we must all make friends with impermanence at this time. Our faith and philosophies will be challenged in the months ahead, but this is how spiritual depth can take root, through surrender and perseverance.

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Today we seem more action- than emotion-oriented, so it’s a day for precision around important tasks. We should find outlets for anger and frustration, or we may very well harm some relationships and inadvertently create distance. The moon conjoins Mars at 7:27 pm PST, so the hours closest to this time are the most susceptible to spikes of aggression or intensity. Breathe deeply. This too shall pass.