December 25: New Moon Solar Eclipse in Capricorn

December 25: New Moon Solar Eclipse in Capricorn


The lead up to a solar eclipse combines the typical darkness or introversion of the moon with a potent blast of cosmic wackiness, alignment with the nodes of the moon. These lunar nodes are like kids attempting to spook us at a carnival’s haunted house, not so different than a retrograde Mercury when acting as a trickster.

The nodes, however, bring a psychedelic entourage of strange sounds and flashing lights, and in 2019, the nodes have come to visit your winter holiday. The eclipse shows that we’re embarking on an intense journey of overcoming painful areas of lack, and yet that we have within us whatever it will take to allow for a magical—sudden even—reversal of fortune.

Like a storm moving through a home, the nodes create the turning points and momentum for our destinies and karmas and lessons to play out. These are the forces that seize us, especially today, and wisdom suggests we orient our awareness within, focused with spiritual practices.