December 26: Solar Eclipse in Capricorn conjunct Jupiter

December 26: Solar Eclipse in Capricorn conjunct Jupiter


The solar eclipse paints a vivid picture of momentary darkness highlighting Jupiter in his sign of depression (Capricorn) in western astrology, tossing us into a whirlpool of attempting to manage crises of contraction while we feel an urge for expansion, scandal, or questions around faith and ethics. Losses and disruptions affecting spiritual circles might also be highlighted while setting the stage for some really profound endings, changes, and dramatic turnarounds in the months to come.

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Jupiter aims to inspire, but in some respect, his rays are inverted now, showing us the ugly side of things, including faith and belief, denying some of the cheer the holidays aim to share, an absence of positive inspiration that might typically be there. It’s awfully wintry symbolism, and certain exchanges of energy must wait for conditions like these to appear, at times when our souls seem intent on staring into that abyss and feeling the inevitable forces of karmic debt—giving us the facelift we didn’t know we needed.