December 27: Sun conjunct Jupiter in Capricorn

December 27: Sun conjunct Jupiter in Capricorn


The holiday from Hades takes a dramatic turn as the sun conjoins Jupiter today at 10:26 am PST, highlighting a moment that may either be calming and uplifting, or especially bitter. These extremes may also play out together, over the course of the day and the week.

For some, this will be an impetus for professional renewal, an opportunity to share deeply from the heart, and to find a perspective or philosophy to share, contemplate, or embody. We should not underestimate the spiritual potential of this moment, a time to explore for gifts of inspiration to write down for ourselves and others.

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Opposite polarities will manifest with vigor. Some will experience an uncomfortable depth or emptiness as a part of a spiritual transformation leading to renewal. Others will see Jupiterian abundance today within their families and social groups, but don’t overlook the tiny trees of kindness and generosity while enjoying the full table—those sacred moments more precious than gold.