December 28: Moon conjunct Venus in Aquarius

December 28: Moon conjunct Venus in Aquarius


By this point, even Capricorns must feel like we’ve had too many transits through the sign of late, but today the moon has broken through the mountain goat’s crags to find Venus looking to connect some electrical and social circuits in tropical Aquarius.

After a recent serious focus, the power and warmth of community creates a healing moment, and many will find their feelings and connections with others undergoing changes, new opportunities, or exploration of alternate possibilities.

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We’re all looking to find our own ground beneath us again, but rather than try to force a square peg into a round hole, we have to surrender to discover if there is some kind of interpersonal renewal that wants to help us facilitate this process. Today’s Aquarian love lesson reminds us to see others as they are, rather than we wish them to be, and to remain true to oneself as you grant yourself and others the freedom to explore, or enjoy, something a little different.