December 29: Mercury in Capricorn

December 29: Mercury in Capricorn


We’ve entered the twilight zone, as the sun conjoins the south node of the moon, Ketu, and we should expect to see evidence of the strange all about. For some, confident ego forces will be harder to access, but a silver lining forms in mystical experiences, corrective action, and releasing control.

Mercury has entered Capricorn and currently sits in a powerful place in the heavens while moving into alignment with Uranus through a trine. The day features a strong momentum for connecting with others, or alternately with brilliant or new ideas. Any intuitions or sudden ideas ought to be noted, as we’re more open to some kind of divine inspiration than normal.

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We’re beginning to feel the shift into the frequencies of the upcoming full moon lunar eclipse, which contrasts with the solar eclipse. Though eclipses are typically an ungrounded time, we’re now under the sway of an eclipse that is tremendously focused mentally and professionally, so commit to goals that can motivate you daily.