December 30: Moon in Pisces sextile Mercury & Uranus

December 30: Moon in Pisces sextile Mercury & Uranus


The need to release internal and actual clutter meets the urge for new social and mental connections, so the landscape changes somehow as we learn and discover new perspectives or play with something different. The scope and scale of transformations occurring are vast, frequently overwhelming, but Mercury has entered the picture as a savior, offering us more manageable tasks to keep us focused on practical steps.

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Intuition is powerfully highlighted, especially in the hours closest to 2 p.m. PST, when the Moon in Pisces reaches the midpoint of the Mercury-Uranus trine, while the moon tightly sextiles both. Brilliant imagination could provide a new way to re-imagine challenging obstacles or situations, while the creative potential of this moment is off the charts.

A stimulating potential builds throughout this week, shown by Mercury approaching a conjunction with Jupiter in Capricorn, and whether this is a mental or social expansion, it focuses the mind on practical action but warns of taking short-cuts around integrity and honesty.