December 31: New Year’s Eve

December 31: New Year’s Eve


The moon conjoins Neptune at 4:16 p.m. PST, creating a figurative body of water in the day’s path, whether a smattering of puddles or a patch of frozen ice. A persistent urge for spiritual surrender creates magic with the conjunction in Pisces, and it’s obvious that those celebrating the day with inebriation will be especially sensitive to the soft and wavy boundaries that Neptune in Pisces governs between this world and unseen realms. It’s easy to overdo it now, even for the trusting to be taken advantage of, so caution is very much in order.

Those with a more spartan spirituality will find profound compassion or a mystical connection. Intuition and art seek realization in the unpredictable journey of this final day of the year.

2019 took us to our depths as our lives changed on a dramatic scale, bringing us to the birth canal of this Saturn-Pluto conjunction in January. We’ve come this far. Might as well see this journey of rebirth through.