December 7: Moon enters Taurus

December 7: Moon enters Taurus


Sunday will be super-charged with a moon-Uranus conjunction near the moon’s degree of exaltation, opposite the position of Mars at the new moon. The bomb is lit and sizzling, as our emotional natures feel suddenly seized by the urge for radical self-expression. It’s a tight squeeze, because Mars in Scorpio is determined not to give an inch. Whether this gives us strong adversaries, physical challenges, or moronic stubbornness, it’s a shocking moment when something has to give.

The higher octave highlights of this event could include either liberating or withdrawing sexual energy, drawing clear boundaries, intense activity, or helping someone in a self-destructive bind. Issues regarding siblings or divorces may be highlighted.

Venus moves into power and harmony with Neptune, in contrast, a friendly time marked with sweetness. Different allies are gathering—some rooted in illusions—to help keep the peace, at least with those we consider good guys. Next level play is truth-seeing ‘enemies’ as self, purifying resentment and hatred, thus becoming more powerful.