February 17: The moon is square Neptune

February 17: The moon is square Neptune



The moon is square Neptune at 3:49 a.m.


The moon in bold Sagittarius forms a square aspect with Neptune in Pisces very early this morning, bringing emotional enthusiasm into conflict with idealism. This is an aspect of getting caught up in our own reactions and perceptions before we examine if they are actually true. It may take the day to tease out what is illusion, or old patterns running on the screen of our mind’s eye, and what is the actual current state of affairs. 

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It’s like being caught in a hall of mirrors, where our emotional projections become scattered in reflections of reflections, causing us to wonder “how do I know how I really feel?”


Both Sagittarius and Pisces are mutable, shifting adaptive signs, inhabiting a liminal space where stability gives way to dissolution. In this case, the fires of inspiration and the waters of intuition can stoke and catalyze each other with creative results, or edge each other into amplifications and delusion. It’s so early in the morning, and so fleeting, that this aspect may merely play out in our dream. world, bringing a strange, unsettled mood into the beginning of the day.


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