February 21: Mars is trine Uranus and square Chiron

February 21: Mars is trine Uranus and square Chiron



Mars is trine Uranus at 1:10 a.m.


This powerful earth trine is in effect for a few days and is good for initiating the impossible. Mars in sure-footed Capricorn is goal-focused and loves to climb mountains, and Uranus in sturdy Taurus loves to move them—so this powerful combination may inspire us to have some mastery over our material realm, and confidence to take some radical, surprising action now. This will likely be playing out on the world stage this week, as this aspect represents a turning point in global events, as well as potent forces of change manifesting in our world. 


Mars is square Chiron at 5:16 a.m.


Mars exalted in Capricorn comes into a square aspect with Chiron in Aries today, which is an interesting aspect for many reasons. Chiron represents “the Wounded Healer,” and the sign it is placed in our birth chart represents the area of life where we live with a wound that continues to open us to empathy and spiritual insight. Those who are born with Chiron in Aries have recently, or will be experiencing their Chiron return, and will be working with healing their wound around confidence and personal authority. 


Mars, the ruler of Aries, coming into a square with this asteroid will be powerfully catalyzing some initiative and breakthroughs in healing that may take us into crisis, or emergency so that we can emerge with new confidence and resilience. Collectively, while this Mars-Chiron square is pushing us toward change and justice, the world is going through a similar healing in relationship to our governments and authorities all over the world. 


The moon is sextile Venus in Aries at 8:08 p.m.


The curious and inquisitive moon in Aquarius comes into a collaborative, and potentially playful sextile with passionate and primal Venus in Aries tonight. It’s an excellent opportunity for taking creative and romantic risks by trying a new approach with our self-expression, or perhaps going on a date with people who may not be our “type”. Taking a walk on the wild side tonight will be refreshing, stimulating, and exciting!

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All the aspects mentioned are calculated in Standard Pacific Time, for greater accuracy please adjust to your own location.