February 26: The moon is square Mars

February 26: The moon is square Mars



The moon is square Mars at 12:32 a.m.


Wednesday is a cosmically quiet day overall, except for an edgy square aspect between the emotive moon in impulsive Aries and driven Mars in ambitious Capricorn. These two cardinal signs and planetary forces are set against each somewhat at cross purposes, both trying to elbow their way forward with an agenda that disrupts the other’s intentions. The moon filtering through the Aries archetype is primal, individualistic, and abrupt, which sets the stage for explosive emotional outbursts. Mars filtering through earthy, authoritative Capricorn may lean in, and hold its ground.

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 The square aspect, which in itself has a very martial signature, shows that drive and feeling are triggering each other, with both sides not likely to back down without a fight. It could be that yesterday’s cazimi aspect between Mercury retrograde and the sun has stirred up some past wounds that need healing—but before we can work on a solution, we need to confront deeply rooted problems head-on. This may mean being part of some uncomfortable conversations mid-week, and if we can work through them non-defensively, we may strike new ground and progress to the other side.


Prepare for some cathartic emotional releases—by you, by others, or from everyone. If this aspect does not materialize as a release, it may also indicate a need for awareness when it comes to the emotional costs of our ambitions, or how a need for emotional honesty will help course correct our plans and goals.  



All the aspects mentioned are calculated in Standard Pacific Time, for greater accuracy please adjust to your own location.