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Find Your Courage With the Virgo Moon Square Gemini Sun

Find Your Courage With the Virgo Moon Square Gemini Sun
Yesterday the sun entered Gemini for its month-long stay in the sign of local communication, which includes reading, chatting, and sharing messages. Today, that charismatic sun is square to the moon in precise, serious Virgo. 

Virgo doesn’t like to waste time, while Gemini is all about finding fun ways to explore the ways we move and vibrate. This square might have you looking for ways that you can reconcile these contradictory styles. 

Thyme is a well-known herb that has many healing properties that align with the energies of both signs. It can be eaten, used as a flavoring in cooking, or ingested as a tea, by boiling the fresh or dried herb in water. 

When taken internally, it works to clear the respiratory system and fights the bacteria that causes a sore throat. It also has purification elements, both physically, as it is antiseptic, and energetically, as it clears negative energy and instills positivity. 

Like all other purifying herbs, such as rosemary or sage, an easy way to use it is to just burn a bundle of the fresh or dried herb, to clear out space or a person’s energy. It has historical connotations of boosting courage and also lending a sense of style to someone who ingests it or uses it topically as a corsage or as an oil on the skin. The oil can be used when massaging the body, or in an infuser for the aromatherapy benefits. When planted in a garden, it is said to attract fairies, as well as bees. 

The purification qualities of thyme are great, it can even be used as a disinfectant, both to clean the systems within the body and to fight harmful microbes on objects and food (for instance, thyme is a secret ingredient in commercial mouthwash). 

The care-taking aspect of thyme can appeal to the service-minded Virgo moon, and the elements of courage and style, as well as the helpful healing of the throat, work with the Gemini sun.

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