Finding the Work You Came Here To Do

Here�s a new perspective on what you�re here to accomplish with your career. Grab a pencil, and let�s figure out your perfect job -- according to the ancient mystical teachings of Pythagoras. Your entire life is on purpose; all the pain and all the good stuff is what you ordered up. You designed your amazing human adventure intending to use your unique talents to raise the vibrations of the planet. If your work is true to that original intention, then your work is inspired, fun, meaningful and prosperous. If it doesn�t feel that way, you�ve fallen off-path. This exercise will help you more clearly determine your chosen path.

Imagine that you encoded your life�s road map into the vibrations of the numbers in your birthday. That�s what ancient mystic and philosopher, Pythagoras, father of our modern number system, believed. In 580 B.C., he designed a theory of numbers based on the digits 1 through 9. According to Pythagoras, each number has a meaning or vibration, and by adding the numbers within your birthday and reducing them to single digits, you reveal the nature of the work you came here to do. For example:

Birth Month: September = 9

Birth Day = 16

Birth Year = 1951

Total (9 + 16 + 1951) = 1976

Add the single digits within 1976 (1+9+7+6) = 23

Add the single digits with 23 (2 + 3) = 5

Your birth path number = 5

This means that your chosen path is revealed within the vibration of the number 5.

As your career coach, I would tell you that you need a career involving expanded opportunities for travel, adventure and sensual experiences; a cubicle just won�t do. You�d be an awesome travel guide or salesperson who lives on the road. You�ll always take the expanded view of life; people may think you�re a little out there. But being out there inspires you, as you gobble up life�s experiences. Alternative health careers are a great fit. I�d steer you away from conventional careers and encourage you to take risks -- which would fuel your passions.

Have you added together the single digits within your birthday and reduced them to one single digit like we did in the example above? What did you get? This single-digit number you�ve deduced from your birth date contains the vibration of the path you chose for this lifetime. (There are two master numbers --11 and 22 -- that you don�t digit down to single numbers. Just leave them as they are.) (And remember: 1 + 0 = 1).

As you read about the meaning of your path described below, ask yourself if you�re living up to what you came here to do. Or have you fallen off-path? If you�re feeling pessimistic, negatively focused or bitter, that�s strong evidence that pain has knocked you off-path.

To get back on track, focus only on accomplishing your highest potential, using your innate talents, and doing what you�ve always dreamt of doing. Let this be the year you get back to who you truly are, and the work you�ve already signed up for. Let�s examine the meaning of your birth path number.

Birth Path Number 1 -

You can�t blend in and get lost in the group. Yours is the destiny of the leader; you must imagine new things, pioneer new concepts and delegate details to others. People will happily line up behind your unique voice. You�d be fulfilling your destiny as a pioneering designer, editor, director or inventor.

Birth Path Number 2 �

You must work in cooperation with others, and you�re a great team player, and happy to work in large organizations. You�re a tower of compassion, encouragement and support to those on your team. You�re great with details, and known for your kindness and sensitivity. Examples: Secretary, administrative assistant; musician in a band or orchestra; researcher for pharmaceutical company.

Master Birth Path Number 11/2 �

You have star quality, creative genius and are capable of the highest forms of artistic creation. You can potentially change the consciousness of humanity with your highly specialized artistic sense -- when used to inspire others. You�ll attract great praise and great criticism as you live up to your brilliant path. Examples: Artist, filmmaker, reformer, diplomat, mystic, writer, philosopher.

Birth Path Number 3 �

Social grace and beauty are your expressions, and you love being adored on stage, or through anything you create. Life is most fun when you�re feeling recognized and appreciated. Examples: Actor, singer, talk-show host, beautician, fashion model, hostess, social director.

Birth Path Number 4 �

Practicality, self-discipline and getting it done are your strengths. You�re the workhorse who develops efficiency systems with your logical mind and ability to concentrate. You�re needed at the foundation of every great project. Examples: Accounting, mathematics, engineering, drafting, mechanic, ecologist, electrician, economist.

Master Birth Path 22/4 �

You�re destined for unparalleled material power and greatness from making significant contributions that reshape the course of thought, industry, politics or art. You�re designed to lead the less enlightened into a brighter future. Your salvation lies in seeing the big picture, following your inspiration, and not getting lost in the work. Examples: Political organizer, architect, public reformer, benefactor, media executive.

Birth Path Number 5 �

Yours is the path of the adventurer, sensualist, freedom-seeker and agent of change. You�re not suited for routine. Change is your ally and guides you through life. You�re a natural sales person or advertising executive. Marketing and promotion are easy for you; and you�ll thrive with travel, fashion, food, and entertainment careers. Examples: Sales, advertising, publicist, food or wine connoisseur, travel writer, travel show host.

Birth Path Number 6 �

You have global consciousness, and you�re drawn to work for companies that promote social responsibility. You�ll bring harmony and enlightened leadership to groups as an educator, politician, counselor or healer. Home and family are important, but don�t lose yourself in the needs of others. Examples: Teacher, social worker, doctor, nurse, choreographer, counselor, parent.

Birth Path Number 7 �

Your path is mental and interior reflection. Analysis, intuition, science and philosophy are your gifts. The unknown and the mystical call you, and there lies your ultimate fulfillment. The business world doesn�t fit your vibration. You thrive when working alone. Examples: Scientist, psychiatrist, psychologist, clergyman, researcher, investigator, philosopher.

Birth Path Number 8 �

Your destined path includes financial success, big business, or perhaps being a top-ranking professional athlete. You�ll quickly be pulled to the top of big business, where you�ll be recognized for your �executive cool.� Power and wealth are both your destiny and challenge, as you learn to use your power for good. Examples: Manufacturer, CEO, banker, stockbroker, retail owner, financier, professional athlete, political official.

Birth Path Number 9 �

Inspiring others with your compassion for the human condition and deep understanding of universal truths, your work will be humanitarian and artistically inclined. Your connection to the mystical will guide you, but don�t get lost in the pull to experience the outer reaches of consciousness. Examples: Fine artist, publisher, lecturer, composer, physician, humanitarian, political leader, philanthropist.
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