January 13: Sun conjunct Pluto, Venus enters Pisces

January 13: Sun conjunct Pluto, Venus enters Pisces

Balancing sober awareness with universal love


The sun is conjunct Pluto at 5:21 am, and Saturn at 7:15 a.m.

 As an answer to Sunday’s great conjunction, the sun, in turn, joins Pluto and Saturn today, directing new awareness and energy toward a Capricornian need for practicality and pragmatism in light of all that is being brought to the surface. The sun illuminates and activates our perceptions, and indicates we are now taking stock of our responsibilities. The truth is laid bare for us to evaluate as we mobilize constructive forces to rebuild and reform our personal and collective power structures and economies. These need to be sustainable and strong enough to endure for many years to come. The sun reveals all, so it can indicate the key features of any enduring new system are its transparency, honesty, and integrity.


The moon enters Virgo at 6:06 a.m.

 The emotional tone and awareness of the day shift into one more conscientious and detail-focused as the moon moves into demure and composed Virgo. It is the sensibility that we need right now to emotionally manage the heavy awareness that has emerged during the first half of the month, in light of the epochal conjunction of Saturn and Pluto and the lunar eclipse in Cancer. Conversations and connections are done so now in a patient, considered way—organizing thoughts and feelings around the tasks at hand. Clear, articulate communications will help ground and direct us as we move forward this week, especially this evening when the moon squares Mars in Sagittarius. There may be some frustrations, and disagreements in approach, but these will be fleeting, and practicality will prevail.


Venus enters Pisces at 10:39 a.m.

 As the morning continues, Venus moves into watery Pisces, her sign of exaltation. Venus is especially sweet, compassionate, and beneficial in the idealistic fish’s sign—opening opportunities for supportive and fortunate connections that have a transcendental and spiritual quality. We will have Venus in Pisces until February 7, so it’s time to have patience and care for one another as we work together on whatever challenges of the new year may bring. This auspicious ingress reminds us to use our heart as a navigator, feeling our way to understanding in a divided world.

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