January 21: The moon enters Capricorn

January 21: The moon enters Capricorn

A quiet day yields deep contemplation


Tuesday, January 21 is a rather quiet day astrologically, and perhaps it’s for the best. Yesterday’s skies were full of active transits by the moon, giving a whole array of emotional scenarios and chemistries to navigate. There was the fiery Sagittarius moon’s sextile to Mercury, square to Venus, conjunction to Mars, and square to Neptune in Pisces in the evening which likely brought some emotional confusion and delusion to the surface. There was also a seasonal shift by the sun into Aquarius, bringing us into a whole new zodiacal season—much to contemplate, adapt to, and come into phase within the space today provides.

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The moon enters Capricorn at 9:00 p.m.


By nightfall, the active and enthusiastic moon in Sagittarius surrenders to the stoic and reserved terrain of Capricorn, shifting the emotional tone back down to earth. The moon rules the cardinal water sign of Cancer, where it can be powerfully and naturally nurturing and regenerative, so when it falls in Capricorn, the moon is in the sign opposite its home, where it has to adapt and compensate.


This is a place of “detriment” or “exile’ for the moon, where it’s intuitive and emotive expressions have to try and operate in the cold, dry, spartan habitat of Capricorn. This is a time of pulling emotions inward and putting up boundaries, making it hard for psychic trespasses to enter and damage us, yet it can also make it hard for our feelings to come out. For the next two days, the mood will be a bit more considered and serious, which can be constructive and protective but may also require some patience and understanding if displays of affection are not forthcoming. It can be a time where some contemplation and solitude are needed.

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