January 27: Venus is conjunct Neptune

January 27: Venus is conjunct Neptune

Universal love and steady, spiritual growth


Today’s positive cosmic weather happens on the moon’s day of the week, Monday, which sets a dreamy, lunar stage for the planetary aspects to unfold on. With the moon still in reflective and compassionate Pisces, our emotional and intuitive capacities are heightened, and we have an opportunity to pick up on signals and nuances that are floating in the ethers.


Venus is conjunct Neptune at 12:00 p.m.


At noon, a truly sweet and auspicious conjunction occurs between beauty and harmony-seeking Venus and transcendental Neptune. This is an astrological signature of divine love, an opportunity for us to come together with peace, compassion, and universal unity. Venus and Neptune together in meditative and self-sacrificing Pisces sets the tone for greater understanding that emerges from heart-centered awareness. We are working so hard on our material security, often fighting over boundaries, rules, and regulations, that we lose sight of what all of our struggles are for. Venus and Neptune in Pisces call us back to our heart, and soul, to realign with goodwill and kindness.

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The moon is sextile Jupiter at 5:13 p.m.


The steady and reflective moon in Pisces comes into a supportive sextile aspect with expansive Jupiter in Capricorn late afternoon. Amidst the feeling of universal love and tranquility today, the soulful and insightful moon collaborates with Jupiter to tap us back into our sense of highest values and spiritual growth. Though the guru planet’s growth and lessons this year are more measured and conservational than last year, growth is occurring nonetheless, and if we keep our aspirations for a brighter future alive, we can get there day by day. The intuitive forces that the moon in Pisces opens the door to allow us to feel into a broader range of opportunities and possibilities as the evening continues.

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All the aspects mentioned are calculated in Standard Pacific Time, for greater accuracy please adjust to your own location.