January 30: The moon is square Jupiter and trine Mars

January 30: The moon is square Jupiter and trine Mars

Potent emotions and courageous action


The moon is square Jupiter at 6:54 a.m.


Early morning ushers in a potentially challenging, but fortunately fleeting aspect between the volatile Aries moon and the steady expansion of Jupiter in Capricorn. The Aries moon carries a youthful, eager, but somewhat impatient energy, while the guru planet has taken a more patient form in its earthy domain of Capricorn this year. Jupiter loves to say yes, to open opportunities and to affirm, but the Aries moon has us feeling as though these openings and affirmations are too few and too slow. Some deep breaths and patience are in order now, as Jupiter’s time in Capricorn will take all year to unfold, and if we begin to rile against it emotionally, we will only spin our wheels and burn ourselves out. Today, it’s best to channel frustrations in a more physical direction, perhaps into a long run or spin class. These may give us the feeling we are moving forward amidst having to be grounded, disciplined, and still.

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The moon is trine Mars at 5:49 p.m.


As the day progresses, we may find more constructive and effective outlets for the drive and angst the Aries moon may have kicked up today, as this potent luminary comes into a perfect trine with Mars in Sagittarius late afternoon. This is an opportunity to have courageous, enthusiastic conversations, where we may need to make a compelling presentation. If we channel this energy effectively, we are likely to be quite convincing and winning, rather than argumentative. This is a potentially volatile combination, but since the trine aspect is supportive, the mood is more likely to be ebullient and inspirational rather than confrontational.

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