January 7: Mars quincunx Uranus

January 7: Mars quincunx Uranus

Pay attention to the spaces in between


Though Tuesday is not very eventful for major planetary aspects, it feels like a day that asks us not to focus on what is “happening”, but rather to pay attention to the space between. The overall feeling is one of potential disconnects, near misses, and dropped signals, as though full understanding and awareness lie just out of reach.

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Mars is in aversion to Uranus, exact at 12:13 a.m.

 Overnight, Mars in roving Sagittarius is quincunx to tectonic Uranus in Taurus, setting the quizzical and uneasy tone for the day. An aversion aspect happens when two planets are in zodiac signs that have nothing in common and do not blend elementally. They are said to be in “aversion” because based on classical Greek optical theory, it’s as if these two signs can’t “see” each other to collaborate—or even clash. The modern idea about aversion is that it’s an aspect of no aspect that requires some work or adjustment on our part to become aware of and integrate. It’s as though the energies of drive and change can’t seem to interlock today, and for a moment, we are reaching into the unknown to understand how to direct our initiative.

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The moon is in aversion to Jupiter at 9:28 pm, and Mercury at 11:49 p.m.

 After an uncanny day, the moon in restless Gemini comes into perfect aversion with Jupiter, and Mercury in Capricorn. An unsettled mood underscores the late night where we find ourselves reaching for the words to get our point across or express our vision and values. It’s as though we can’t seem to plug our emotions into the concept we are trying to explain, which could help others relate. It sets the stage for frustrations, misunderstandings, and disconnects that we have us tuning the dial, and adjusting our mental frequency so that the signal, and meaning, can come through.


All the aspects mentioned are calculated in Standard Pacific Time, for greater accuracy please adjust to your own location.