July 3: A Fog Over Reality

July 3: A Fog Over Reality

The moon is square Neptune at 6:06 a.m., and moon void of course begins

The first aspect of the day occurs when the bold Sagittarian moon comes into a square aspect with illusory Neptune in empathic Pisces. This aspect is the last that the moon will make in the Centaur’s sign this month, beginning the moon void of course. The moon void of course is a time to pause before starting anything new or noteworthy. It is just as well since the square between the moon and Neptune is a transit of idealism, confusing emotions, and unclear thoughts.

The moon in Sagittarius promotes impulsive expressions, yet Neptune casts a fog over reality, a combination that may make it difficult to be discerning and grounded. If there is any matter that feels pressing today that will have long term results, it will be best to wait until the moon changes signs this evening, and the moon void of course ends, to address it.

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The moon enters Capricorn at 9:48 p.m., and moon void of course ends

By evening, the fog from the morning moon/Neptune square clears, and the moon void of course ends. The moon shifts into pragmatic Capricorn, and the lunar mood becomes a bit more reflective and insular for the next two days. The moon joins Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto in the serious sign of the goat, placing emotional emphasis on the planetary themes that have set the most significant changes of 2020 in motion.

We are one day away from the full moon/lunar eclipse in Capricorn, so even though the full lunar phase typically represents a monthly culmination, this peak in the cycle may feel restrained. The late-night and early morning feeling overall may be one of caution and anticipation of more challenges to come. We may feel called to sit with some uncomfortable feelings or may want to direct our energies toward constructive work to help us feel stable, secure, and prepared.


All the aspects mentioned are calculated in Standard Pacific Time, for greater accuracy please adjust to your own location.