July 7: Nurturing and Healing Themes

July 7: Nurturing and Healing Themes

The moon is inconjunct the sun at 8:37 a.m.

After yesterday’s busy cosmic weather, Tuesday is rather calm and uneventful. While still under the moon’s void of course, we can best spend our time today tying up loose ends and contemplating our next moves. If possible, it’s important to continue to wait until tomorrow, when the moon’s void of course ends before setting our intentions in motion.

With its centuries of observation, astrological tradition has noted that starting anything we hope will endure long-term doesn’t seem to take root under the moon’s void of course fully. It’s just as well, as yesterday’s aspects have given us much to contemplate and digest in the meantime.

Today’s uncanny and liminal mood is further defined by the waning Aquarian moon’s inconjunct angle to the sun in emotive Cancer. These two signs do not have anything elementally in common, and so do not connect in either a harmonious or difficult aspect. Saturn rules Aquarius and thus adds a serious, detached, and somewhat aloof quality to lunar feelings, a mood that is at odds with the protective, nurturing, and healing themes of Cancer season. Today is one of reflecting on what may be in our emotional blind spots, and it may take conscious effort to connect our awareness to our inner world.

The moon is now in the waning gibbous phase, also known as the disseminating moon. This period in the lunar cycle is when we begin to disseminate and implement the insights gained during Saturday’s full moon/lunar eclipse in Capricorn. What we released during the eclipse has helped us see our path ahead clearly, so that we may walk it unencumbered. The moon in Aquarius now hints that we move forward with some detachment and objectivity while focusing on emerging ideas. It can be constructive if only for the day, to disengage with potent, raw feelings while mapping out a logical plan of action.


All the aspects mentioned are calculated in Standard Pacific Time, for greater accuracy please adjust to your own location.