June 10: Integrating Full Moon Discoveries

June 10: Integrating Full Moon Discoveries

The moon is trine the sun at 7:35 a.m., and moon void of course begins

Today, the Aquarian moon forms a perfect air trine with the sun in curious Gemini. This trine aspect marks the middle of the waning gibbous phase of the lunar cycle that lasts about a week until the last quarter moon forms. The waning gibbous phase is the “disseminating” moon, which represents active, distributing lunar energies that “disseminate” the new knowledge we have integrated with the light of this month’s full moon discoveries.

This month’s full moon on June 5 also happened to be an eclipse, making it a potent, cleansing time—emotionally and psychically for all of us. In the past week, we have been more actively aware of what has been clouding our perceptions and holding us back from being more adaptive and realistic in these times. The disseminating moon phase allows us to put these insights into action, and to do the work of wrapping up the lessons of this lunar cycle before we pause and rest at the new moon.

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The moon trine sun aspect brings emotional awareness and conscious perceptions into a balanced, supportive harmony. It could stimulate a smooth flow of social and intellectual connection today, since this is happening between two mentally inclined air signs. We may find ourselves brainstorming and sound boarding with others, or actively processing our thoughts and ideas on our own.

The moon is void of course for the whole day, so this lively, active energy is best spent finishing what is already in motion and making a list of what we want to begin tomorrow once the void of course ends.


All the aspects mentioned are calculated in Standard Pacific Time, for greater accuracy please adjust to your own location.