March 12: The moon enters Scorpio

March 12: The moon enters Scorpio



The moon is square Saturn at 1:12 a.m.


The waning Libra moon comes into a hard square with Saturn in Capricorn overnight, and it’s probably just as well since this configuration can set the tone for conflict. The moon rules emotion, sentimentality, and memory, while Saturn rules restriction, and discipline—a hint that the affection and connection that we need at the moment is perhaps not available, leaving us feeling out in the cold. Saturn is particularly powerful in its home sign of Capricorn, and both the stoic planet of time and the cardinal earth sign are known for their reserve and restraint, so the cosmic weather is not conducive to showing vulnerability. If we happen to be awake, grappling with this dynamic, know that its edge will soften by the morning.

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The moon enters Scorpio at 2:28 a.m.


As the dark hours of the morning wind on, the moon shifts from elegant Libra, to enter brooding Scorpio’s dark waters, tuning the lunar mood inward toward reflection and deep receptivity. Combined with the moon’s waning, diminishing phase, this lunar shift can set the tone for pulling back into ourselves to rest, to pause, and to check in with our inner emotional world. The moon in Scorpio can heighten intuition, but also paranoia, so make sure to check-in with others if you are “getting a feeling”, instead of making assumptions. It is most likely that those close to you are simply feeling as raw and vulnerable as you are.

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The moon is opposite Uranus at 9:14 a.m., and Venus at 4:10 p.m.


The pensive Scorpio moon continues on its course through the skies, to come into opposition with Uranus in Taurus in the morning. Uranus, the planet of invention and sudden surprises, may activate unexpected emotional awareness and insight. It may have the effect of drawing something out of the shadows of our inner blind spot to be explored and considered. Perhaps this new awareness is linked to projections on the outer world that are clouding our perceptions and leading us astray. Later in the afternoon, the moon’s opposition shifts to Venus in Taurus, and a chance to have a much-needed heart-to-heart with a loved one may arise.



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