March 15: The moon is square Neptune

March 15: The moon is square Neptune



The moon is square Neptune at 12:51 p.m.

Midday, the bold Sagittarius moon comes into a catalyzing and somewhat challenging square aspect with illusory Neptune in Pisces, forming the only significant aspect of the day. The moon rules over emotions, energy, memory, and nurturance, while Neptune is connected to dreams, illusions, delusion, and escapism to some extent, so to have these two planetary forces working at cross purposes today sets the stage for challenges when trying to tap into what is happening on an emotional level. At the very least, this aspect may induce daydreaming and difficulties concentrating today as we drift off on currents from the imaginal realm. Since Sagittarius likes to roam, we may be tempted to follow these reveries along as far as they will carry us, and when Neptune is involved, that is a very long way, indeed. Across the universe, perhaps?

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The more difficult manifestation of this aspect today may lie in emotional reactivity, that is triggered by reflexive responses we may perceive to be happening, yet considering today’s cosmic weather, it will be helpful to pull back on the reigns a little to check-in and stay centered if we find this is starting to happen. This is doubly important right now, since Mercury, the planet of messages, is about to re-enter Pisces, to join nebulous Neptune on the dream plane, increasing the risk that communications will be a foggier, and clarity, more elusive…

We can ask ourselves if a perceived problem presents: is this really true, or am I forming a story around what seems to be happening, based on past experience that may, or may not apply, to the moment? This practice may feel counter-intuitive today, as we will likely rather run off and escape the inquiry, but today’s aspect presents a unique opportunity to use Sagittarius’ truth-seeking forces to get to the heart of some of our recurring illusions.

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