March 19: The sun is sextile Saturn, and The Spring Equinox

March 19: The sun is sextile Saturn, and The Spring Equinox



The moon is square Uranus at 3:04 a.m.

Innovative forces are awakened and catalyzed in the wee hours as the Aquarian moon forms an edgy square aspect with radical Uranus in Taurus. Flashes of insight and innovation could be flowing in the psychic currents of the pre-dawn hours that yield sudden and unexpected ideas and solutions. Uranus in Taurus is reframing our collective relationship with our material world, and our natural, earthy environment over the next several years, so this lunar passage may cut a new angle in the prism of our perspectives. An emotional upheaval may break us out of a fixed pattern.

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The sun is sextile Saturn at 4:50 p.m.

The sun in intuitive Pisces forms a collaborative sextile aspect with Saturn in authoritative Capricorn late afternoon, bringing creative and emotive perceptions into harmony with Saturn’s construction of boundaries, and enduring legacies. This is the last time the sun will form a sextile from Pisces with Saturn for quite some time, as the planet of tests and trials is on the verge of shifting into Aquarius on March 21. Both the sun and Saturn are in the final 29th “critical degree” of Pisces and Capricorn respectively, symbolizing an important turning point and decision that is being made on an internal and collective level now.


The sun enters Aries/The Spring Equinox at 8:50 p.m.

In the evening, we officially cross the threshold into Spring, and into the sun’s exaltation in fiery, cardinal Aries. This is the rebirth of the sun, a time of solar light rapidly expanding our days toward the Summer Solstice. Today is the astrological new year, a time of spring cleaning and bold, purifying resolutions. The house in your birth chart that Aries is on the cusp of will be illuminated with this powerful solar light, and the area of life this house corresponds to will be receiving a jump start of a fiery new initiative!

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All the aspects mentioned are calculated in Standard Pacific Time, for greater accuracy please adjust to your own location.