March 2: The moon is square the sun and Neptune

March 2: The moon is square the sun and Neptune



The moon is inconjunct Mars at 7:39 a.m.


The moon in frenetic Gemini makes an exact 150 degrees inconjunct aspect with Mars in Capricorn early this morning. The inconjunct, also called a quincunx aspect, happens between planets in two signs that have no element or modality in common, symbolizing a disconnect in the energies involved. In this case, the busy, somewhat anxious feeling that the current lunar mood inspires is out of phase with the powerful authoritative forces that are compounded with Saturn, Jupiter, and Mars all in earthy Capricorn now. We have duties to attend to, which may feel heavy, so emotional deflection and distraction may be a strategy that is temporarily employed now to release some pressure. This may make it hard to feel like we are gaining momentum today, when some patience and awareness may be needed.

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The moon is square the sun at 11:57 a.m.


Right before noon, the Gemini moon forms a perfect square aspect with the sun in Pisces, marking the second quarter phase of the lunar cycle. If we were to gaze at the moon now, we would see a clean half of our lunar-guide visible, due to her 90-degree angle from the sun. This is a time when our energies and intentions are ramping up, catalyzing, and beginning to take shape as a new lunar cycle unfolds. From here until the Virgo full moon on the 9, we can take advantage of increasing drive and vitality, like catching a cosmic wave that is rising to carry us along. Sometimes emotions can get a little heightened at the waxing quarter phase, which may intensify with tomorrow’s very busy astrological activity.


The moon is square Neptune at 10:24 p.m.


Late tonight, when we may be trying to wind down to sleep, we have a square aspect between the energetic waxing moon in Gemini and illusory and transcendent Neptune in Pisces. This aspect may catalyze our imagination and may keep us awake with busy minds, dreaming up plans and visualizations. Once we do slip into slumber, we may explore some potent dream states with vivid colors and images that have self-revelatory potential.

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All the aspects mentioned are calculated in Standard Pacific Time, for greater accuracy please adjust to your own location.