March 28: The moon enters Gemini, and Venus is trine Pluto

March 28: The moon enters Gemini, and Venus is trine Pluto



The moon is trine Jupiter at 6:39 a.m.

Saturday is chock full of lunar aspects, before it shifts signs again, beginning with the Taurus moon forming a lucky and beneficial trine with Jupiter. This is the afterglow of yesterday’s big Venus/Jupiter trine, with good feelings echoing into what will likely be an active and transformative day! Then the moon conjoins  Venus in Taurus, a beautiful blending of the exalted moon, and Venus in her home sign. It’s a lucky, loving, and creative passage indeed! Shortly after, the moon proceeds to trine Pluto, catalyzing some potent, but ultimately positive emotional growth. This emotional growth is prompted into some positive, courageous action as the Taurus moon forms a trine with Mars.

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The moon enters Gemini at 6:38 pm

After a day of earthy, positive transits, the moon shifts into curious and active Gemini. This ramps up the lunar mood into one that is more dispersive and kinetic, sending our feeling and awareness into multiple directions. After feeling grounded and rooted, we feel like we could spring up and out into the world to engage, explore, and connect. About an hour later, the Gemini moon forms an air trine aspect with Saturn in intellectual Aquarius. This has the effect of harnessing, steadying, but not dampening the lunar excitement and enthusiasm. We may find a place to channel some new active ideas and vibrations this evening.


Venus is trine Pluto 7:57 p.m.

As the evening flows into the night, Venus in Taurus forms a potent earth trine with transformative Pluto in enigmatic Capricorn. This aspect speaks to the forces of enduring love that extends across time and logic to connect, heal, and transform the soul. We could be feeling the pull and attraction to a dark, mysterious, Plutonian character that appears in our lives, or feel drawn into an inquiry of the heart, to follow where it leads. Venus is all about luxury and bounty, and Pluto is one of the wealthiest gods of Greek mythology, so they could be coming together to provide an unexpected boon for some of us shortly…


All the aspects mentioned are calculated in Standard Pacific Time, for greater accuracy please adjust to your own location.