March 4: Mercury re-enters Aquarius

March 4: Mercury re-enters Aquarius



Mercury Rx re-enters Aquarius at 3:08 a.m.


Very early morning, Mercury continues to backtrack through the sky, moving out of empathic Pisces to re-enter airy and intellectual Aquarius. Thoughts and communications can take on perhaps a clearer and crisp quality, however, the retrograde motion of Mercury reminds us that we are still dealing with communication delays, errors, and misunderstandings until March 9. We may be revisiting some topics, conversations, or projects that we began back in late January, and may be called back to clarify or correct anything that became clouded when Mercury first dove into Pisces in February.


Mercury is sextile Venus at 1:24 p.m.


Late afternoon, Mercury newly back in Aquarius comes into a sextile aspect with Venus in Aries, and it wouldn’t be surprising if a past love or an unresolved conversation of the heart came back to some of us today to be revisited and possibly untangled. The sextile aspect is a complimentary blend, in this case between the lively and action-oriented elements of air and fire, so this re-visit is more likely to be constructive and helpful, supporting an opportunity to reach new awareness and deeper understanding the second time around. Perhaps we are now more able to accept the other’s point of view?


The moon is opposite Mars at 6:25 p.m., and trine the sun at 11:49 p.m.


In the early evening, the sensitive Cancer moon comes into a hard oppositional aspect with battle-ready Mars in serious Capricorn. This showdown sets the stage for an evening of defensiveness and arguments if we are not able to give room to the other person. This polarizing aspect is especially charged by the moon’s conjunction with the amplifying lunar north node, and Mars’ conjunction with the purging lunar south node. Although it is a swift aspect, the stakes are high due to the intensity drawing a grudge up to the surface to be confronted—and cleared. Later tonight, the moon forms a perfect water trine with the sun in Pisces, which could help stabilize our potent emotions with clearer, more compassionate perceptions.

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Venus enters Taurus at 7:07 p.m.


In the middle of the evening’s lunar potent aspects, Venus slips out of Aries’ primal warrior territory to ground and settle into her sign of earthly dignity in Taurus. This is an auspicious place for luxury-loving Venus to be, where the mood shifts to romance, enjoying life’s pleasures, and sumptuous candlelit dinners. Taurus the Bull is associated with Spring’s fertile renewal and bounty, and as we get nearer to the Spring Equinox, this ingress of Venus begins to infuse our days with a calm, grounded sense of well-being, and a peaceful loving presence.


All the aspects mentioned are calculated in Standard Pacific Time, for greater accuracy please adjust to your own location.