March 8: The sun is conjunct Neptune, and Venus is conjunct Uranus

March 8: The sun is conjunct Neptune, and Venus is conjunct Uranus



The moon enters Virgo at 3:47 a.m.


Overnight, the Leo moon forms an opposition with Mercury in Aquarius, giving a connection and outlet for the release of yesterday’s frustrations. Then early morning, the moon shifts from dramatic Leo into demure Virgo, and the lunar mood switches to one that feels more conscientious, analytical, and receptive. Bold displays of emotion may cool and settle, turning inward to become more reserved.

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The sun is conjunct Neptune at 5:23 a.m.


Very early this morning, a dreamy conjunction between the sun and Neptune becomes exact but may linger in its effects for a couple of days. This is a time of idealistic, empathic, and somewhat spiritual themes coming together with an overall sense of universal connectivity. What we dare to imagine, may be worth materializing, and today we may have some insight or breakthrough on how this could occur.


The moon is trine Venus at 10:00 a.m., and trine Uranus at 10:11 a.m.


Later in the morning, a sweet and auspicious earth trine forms between the Virgo moon and Venus in pleasure-loving Taurus. The composed lunar vibe blends well with Taurus’ earthy sensibility, and the connection between the moon and Venus is one that supports cohesion and understanding in our relationships. There is a twist however, with Venus in her home sign about to conjoin radical Uranus, the afternoon may hold some surprises…


Venus is conjunct Uranus at 12:38 p.m.


Early in the afternoon Venus, the planet of love and attraction, melds with Uranus, the planet of invention and radicality, in the strong and fertile sign of the Bull. This could herald in the start of an unexpected new relationship, or a breakthrough into a new level of intimacy with the ones we are already committed to. It could even indicate realizing that we can find love and connection in some surprising places by going against our typical type, or outside of our usual circles, to meet someone new. This conjunction at very least bodes well for the inception of creative projects and finding luck when taking a new approach to an old problem. The day may have a unique romantic mood or bring us into contact with innovative art forms.


All the aspects mentioned are calculated in Standard Pacific Time, for greater accuracy please adjust to your own location.