March 9: Full moon in Virgo, and Mercury goes direct

March 9: Full moon in Virgo, and Mercury goes direct



The moon is trine Mars at 3:48 a.m., and opposite Neptune at 8:57 a.m.


The nearly full moon forms an earth trine with Mars in Capricorn early this morning, connecting the reserved yet considerate emotional tone of the moment with the strong, steady drive of Mars’ exalted position. The two work in harmony as the morning unfolds, melding consideration and bodily intelligence to help us carefully navigate our progress ahead. This earthy emotional tone becomes amplified, swelling with idealism when the moon forms an opposition with Neptune in Pisces later in the morning. Our daydreams may carry us out of our concrete rituals for a moment, or it may be that our ritual space creates the container that incubates a new vision at the start of the week.


Full moon in Virgo at 10:48 a.m.


Later in the morning, the Virgo moon becomes perfectly full, in polarity to the sun in Pisces. The full moon receives the whole light of the sun, casting the most complete glow of the lunar cycle. This polarity between the light of the day and the light of the night amplifies the Virgo/Pisces axis, highlighting the story of the natural world embodying the soul of the world. When we nurture our environment and our earthly vessel, our soul can blossom—we feel more authentic in our being, and more alive. The house that Virgo is connected to in your birth chart that this full moon is illuminating, points to the area of life that is benefiting from a nature/soul relationship and realization. The transformative potential of this full moon is echoed in its trine with Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn later in the afternoon, and early evening.


Mercury goes direct at 8:49 p.m.


Tonight, Mercury goes direct, at last, in cool and objective Aquarius. The foggiest and nebulous of Mercury’s recent journeys comes to a close. We will still be in the shadow period however until March 29, after Mercury has returned to Pisces and passes the degree it originally went retrograde on. This means that, although communications are easier we are not totally in the clear until then and may find we are re-doing and sorting out anything that was begun during Mercury’s retrograde period that didn’t quite get off the ground.

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