May 13: Venus Retrograde Reflections

May 13: Venus Retrograde Reflections

After Tuesday’s very active skies, Wednesday is devoid of exact planetary aspects. While everything that has been set in motion continues to evolve, today presents an opportunity to digest and to metabolize the ideas and topics that have come into our awareness. It’s also a great day to reflect on Venus’ retrograde and the meanings and possibilities it presents.


Venus will be in retrograde until June 25, and then will continue in Gemini until August 7, giving us over four months of the planet of love in Mercury’s sign of play, mischief, and magic. This can be a time of pause, a revisiting, or reworking of any relationship developments that have been set in motion this year. It can emphasize a time of deepening social connections, approaching these with new engagement, and experimentation. 


It is interesting to check your own birth chart to see what house Gemini is connected to, to get a sense of what area of life will be benefiting from Venus prolonged presence there. We can expect Venus bringing some magic and creativity to this area of life, and those with mutable rising signs or many mutable planetary placements may feel this more dramatically.

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Since Gemini is a curious and playful sign, it can also symbolize the archetype of the dilettante; someone who likes to experiment, but can often be too restless to commit with any depth to one path, or relationship. 


This may be a theme that comes up for all of us now. Are we trying to absorb knowledge from a lot of sources, like overcommitting to many online classes let’s say, but not feeling like we’re mastering any new skills? Or perhaps we are seeking endless novelty in love and friendship, where depth and commitment are needed to truly bond and to trust one another. These are all topics that could be on the menu for us now until early August.


All the aspects mentioned are calculated in Standard Pacific Time, for greater accuracy please adjust to your own location.