May 18: Engaging Conversations and Fiery Expressions

May 18: Engaging Conversations and Fiery Expressions

Moon is sextile Mercury at 10:17 a.m.

Today is a relatively calm one as far as cosmic activity goes. There is one aspect that becomes exact in the late morning, and that is a collaborative sextile between the moon in bold, propulsive Aries, and Mercury strongly placed in its mutable air home sign Gemini. With the moon symbolizing the hot and passionate mood of the moment, and Mercury representing the swift channels of communication flowing now, this is sure to be a day full of engaging conversations and fiery expressions.

The sextile aspect, in this case, melds the elements of fire and air, which when combined stoke courageous emotional admissions to flare. Since the sextile aspect is helpful, it may present as ease when connecting feelings with words. This could be a great day to attack a creative problem and breathe new life and inspiration into a project. It could also be a good opportunity for friends and lovers to have productive and inspired conversations, as new intimacy may be now discovered and explored.

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Since Mercury also rules over currency and markets, today may present a unique financial opportunity for some of us. It may present as a chance to take on more work and win over the confidence of employers or collaborators. We may find ourselves hitting a new stride in any entrepreneurial efforts, with innovations connecting us to opportunities. If anyone is exploring launching a fun online course, today might be a good day to plan one or launch one that is ready to go.


All the aspects mentioned are calculated in Standard Pacific Time, for greater accuracy please adjust to your own location.