May 23: The World of Visions and Ideals

May 23: The World of Visions and Ideals

Moon is conjunct Venus Rx at 8:15 p.m.

Moon is square Neptune at 10:34 p.m.

After yesterday’s very active cosmic skies, Saturday is much less eventful, which is probably positive, as we have much to digest and reflect on. The moon, still in its dark, regenerative phase, forms a conjunction with Venus, symbolizing a renewal when it comes to love and romance for many of us now.

We may feel emotionally connected to our hearts today, and an opportunity to express this may present in the form of the messages we share with others, marking a new beginning in relationships. While lunar energies are still quite low, however, this may also be a time where we want to pause and sit with whatever it is that we are thinking of expressing, meditating on this a little longer. This conjunction may also be very intimate and personal, possibly emerging as a realization that does not need to be expressed, but simply felt, and known.

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The late-night skies hold another illusory and dreamy moon/Neptune square, when the clarity of the moon/Venus sextile starts to blur into the world of visions and ideals. This is an amplification of the curious Gemini energies against the expansive, transcendental themes of Neptune.

This is not an aspect for clear thinking and productivity but could be channeled into creative musings instead. It is not a particularly difficult aspect, but it may be good timing that it happens late at night so that we can drift off to sleep on our imaginative reveries. The dream plane may be particularly vivid, potent, and pictorial for some of tonight, making it a good idea to keep the dream journal on hand.

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