November 23: Out in the Ethers 

November 23: Out in the Ethers 

The moon is trine Mercury at 5:37 a.m.


Before dawn, the Pisces moon forms a pleasant trine with Mercury in Scorpio, generating harmony between our emotional and mental bodies. We now perceive others’ intentions with psychic accuracy, which is really a consequence of paying attention to body language and picking up on patterns in speech and behavior. Intuitive communication puts everyone in an easygoing mood, but because we are emotionally porous during this transit, we risk taking on the energy and even the feelings of those around us through unconscious mimicry, which is why sensitive folks may choose to skip socializing later today and hibernate instead.  



The moon is conjunct Neptune retrograde at 7:31 a.m.


In the morning, the moon and Neptune retrograde align, amplifying mystical, spiritual, and artistic senses. Too much external stimulation can leave us feeling rattled. This transit doubles-down on sensitivities, and some of us may struggle to ground our emotions. Beware of projecting, as it’s possible to read situations wrong and inadvertently victimize ourselves. On the flip side, projections also allow us to migrate beautiful concepts out of our subconscious and onto a canvas or into melodic music. It’s an opportune influence for daydreaming, napping, prayer, creating art, or revisiting nostalgia ephemera such as favorite songs, old photo albums, or childhood storybooks.



The sun is square Ceres at 6:53 p.m.


In the evening, the sun in Sagittarius forms a square to Ceres in Pisces, creating a mild identity crisis. The Sagittarius sun stimulates growth through self-exploration. The goddess asteroid Ceres is also concerned with growth, but it is more interested in planting; making sure that seeds take root in fertile soil.


Ceres in Pisces is aware that for one thing to grow, another must be sacrificed. During this square, it may seem like we are faced with sacrificing a critical component of our identity, ethics, or even our freedom, risking giving up too much of our Self for a chance encounter with a dream. Although divesting from long-held beliefs is a gamble, it is now urgent to examine our principles from a new angle, so we can nurture our future selves.



Mercury is trine Neptune retrograde at 8:40 p.m.


At night, Mercury in Scorpio creates a trine with Neptune retrograde, enabling us to communicate concepts extracted from the ethers. Think of this aspect as bridging the gap between enchantment and demystification, the equivalent of translating Wingdings into Helvetica. This influence can be used for connecting to others on a soul level, as the mind is inquisitive and penetrative, but we don’t feel like we are on trial. By creating safe spaces for expression, we are free to confess the weirder, “out there” thoughts we’d normally be reluctant to share. This is an especially beneficial time for artists, musicians, and intuitives to channel their gifts.


All the aspects mentioned are calculated in Standard Pacific Time, for greater accuracy please adjust to your own location.