October 17: Undiscovered Territory

October 17: Undiscovered Territory

The moon is inconjunct Chiron Rx at 8:06 a.m.

Saturday begins with an inconjunct angle between the Scorpio moon and Chiron in Aries. Mars rules both Scorpio and Aries, so even though these two signs do not connect elementally, they are joined by their penetrating martial quality. The Scorpio moon takes us deep into our psychological terrain, while Chiron guides us toward our untended wounds. This moon/Chiron inconjunct shows us how aspects of our lives that seem disconnected are related indirectly. Through the potent mood of the moment, we can tend to our wounds by seeing into the dark parts of ourselves that we’d rather hide.

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The moon is opposite Uranus Rx at 12:37 p.m.

The moon is conjunct Mercury Rx at 2:52 p.m.

In the early afternoon, the instinctive Scorpio moon forms an opposition with Uranus in earthy Taurus. This polarity between the reflective moon and disruptive Uranus may stimulate some emotional upsets or surprise occurrences. These surprises may be personal as we open up to new levels of self-awareness. These moon/Uranus manifestations may also be external, showing up in unusual conversations or chance meetings.

At any rate, this opposition may grab our attention for a few hours, and show us new, undiscovered territory. This aspect can also cause a little uneasiness or even anxiety, so it’s good to know that we can breathe through this energy and channel it in a creative direction for a couple of hours.

Later in the day, the potent Scorpio moon forms a conjunction with Mercury, who is still moving retrograde on its journey around the sun. This conjunction brings the powerful emotional and intuitive awareness of the moment into contact with the planet of messages and communication. This aspect may put words to our in-depth, innermost feelings and help us expand our emotional vocabulary. The moon/Mercury conjunction in tenacious Scorpio may also bring hidden truths to light, both personally and collectively.


All the aspects mentioned are calculated in Standard Pacific Time, for greater accuracy please adjust to your own location.