October 21: Magnetic Attractions

October 21: Magnetic Attractions

The moon is square Chiron at 10:30 a.m.

Wednesday begins with a moon/Chiron square that may dredge up some uncomfortable feelings. The moon is in pensive Capricorn, which may add a sombre mood to the day, while Chiron is in reactive Aries, potentially adding touchiness and irritability. On an internal level, we may come up against our sore spots and unresolved wounds, and for a few hours, we may reflect on painful memories or recent triggers. This aspect is fleeting, yet helps us be aware of any lingering issues that require work.

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The moon is sextile Mercury Rx at 12:49 pm

Venus is trine Pluto at 2:42 pm

The moon is trine Uranus Rx at 3:33 pm

Around noon, the Capricorn moon forms a supportive sextile with Mercury in tenacious Scorpio. This aspect unites dependable earth with emotive water, offering a passage of emotional support and clear, receptive communications. Mercury in Scorpio helps draw the truth out into the light, while the Capricorn moon’s objectivity and realism help us stay calm and grounded.

Later on, Venus in composed Virgo forms a helpful earth trine with Pluto in serious Capricorn. Venus helps us manage powerful transformational forces at work in our love connections. We may find that our bonds with others have the potential to deepen now. This Venus/Pluto trine also carries a signature of potent, magnetic attraction, and some of us may be exploring these themes in our current relationships. We may even find ourselves drawn to new, mysterious, and evocative people.

The last aspect of the day is an earth trine between the moon in reserved Capricorn and Uranus in patient Taurus. This trine connects the mood of the moment, harmoniously to the forces of change and innovation. We may discover an opportunity to harness a new level of awareness and material mastery for a few hours this afternoon. The afternoon may bring some surprises our way, but these are more likely to be pleasant and constructive because of the positive trine aspect.


All the aspects mentioned are calculated in Standard Pacific Time, for greater accuracy please adjust to your own location.