October 26: Forces of Change

October 26: Forces of Change

The moon is sextile Uranus Rx at 7:44 a.m.

Monday, the “moon‘s day” is cosmically quiet, with only one exact aspect to focus on at sunrise. The day begins with a sextile between the moon in soulful, empathic Pisces and Uranus in rooted, dependable Taurus. The waxing moon in Pisces is charged with psychic potential and has a powerful sway on our intuition and dream life. Uranus, the planet of revolt and reinvention, is filtering through earthy Taurus to have a disruptive effect on our material world. Today, we may find that the watery, lunar mood connects us to the forces of change at work on earth, and we may explore a harmonious relationship with these themes.

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The moon is a protective satellite that orbits our planet, and in the astrology of the old world, the moon was thought to nurture us. The moon filters and transmutes the powerful energies of the outer planets in our solar system, making these more manageable to us here in the “sublunar” realm. Where Uranus’ constant changes and unpredictability may at times feel overwhelming, this sextile from the moon has a somewhat insulating and buffering effect. Today we might connect with the more inspiring and creative possibilities that Uranus’ energies present to us.

As the moon increases in light, it acts as an energetic magnet, absorbing and channeling Uranus’ revolutionary energies into our lives so that these are within reach and workable. We may find that today, at least for the morning, we are tuned into, and feel as though we are flowing with Uranus’ powers, rather than working against them. This moon/Uranus sextile blends emotive water and structural earth to help us ground into our feelings, and at the same time, grow and expand into new emotional awareness. We have the whole day to marinate in these moon/Uranus insights and meditate on how we are growing and evolving this year.


All the aspects mentioned are calculated in Standard Pacific Time, for greater accuracy please adjust to your own location.