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What May 2018’s Full Moon in Sagittarius Means for Your Destiny

What May 2018’s Full Moon in Sagittarius Means for Your Destiny

On Tuesday, May 29, 2018, the full moon will be in Sagittarius.  At the new moon two weeks ago, each of us set off on some new journey with only the vaguest idea of where it might lead. We simply took the first steps, following our curiosity and any little sparks of inspiration we found along the way. Now, at the May full moon, also called the Flower Moon, the big picture is finally starting to reveal itself and our ultimate destination is becoming clearer. But now that we can see where we’re headed… are we sure it’s where we really want to go?

What Does the Sagittarius Full Moon in May Mean?

Finding and following our true path, aligning with our authentic vision and our highest aspirations—these are the kinds of lofty concerns that occupy our minds during a Sagittarius full moon.

Because full moons happen when the sun and moon are in opposite signs, they tend to draw our attention to polarities in our own lives that could use some balancing.  With the Sagittarius full moon opposing the sun in Gemini, our quest for definitive answers to life’s big questions (Sagittarius) can be complicated by an overwhelming influx of new ideas and information (Gemini).

Sagittarius is looking for Truth with a capital T… and at this full moon, we may believe we’ve found it at last.  The only problem with this newfound enlightenment is that it’s easy to become overzealous and start pushing our version of the truth on everyone else. Be sure to stay curious and keep an open mind—there’s always more to learn.

Our curiosity is easily sparked this time of year, with the sun in Gemini bringing in a seemingly endless parade of stimulating new possibilities, people, and ideas.  And the full moon in Sagittarius can hit us with a serious case of wanderlust, making us eager to get out there and explore each and every one of them!

It’s the perfect time to broaden your horizons—just be careful not to scatter your energies. Like its alter ego the archer, Sagittarius works best when we keep our eyes on the prize.

Full Moon in Sagittarius by Sign


You take pride in always speaking your mind, and trust that your good intentions will be understood. But one person’s “honest” can be another person’s “rude”—and at this full moon, it’s all too easy to cross that line. Before making any bold statements, take a moment to read the room… it might spare you a relationship-ruining gaffe.

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No matter how open-minded we think we are, we’ve all got a few unconscious biases that we could stand to be called out on. This full moon, don’t be surprised if someone calls you out on yours. Resist the impulse to get defensive, and be open to what they have to say—it can only make you better and wiser.

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With your insatiable curiosity and out-of-the-box perspective, you can have a mind-blowing conversation with just about anyone on just about any subject. This full moon, get together with some fellow freethinkers and wax philosophical to your heart’s content. Who knows? In your musings, you might stumble on to the next big idea.

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Flights of fancy and dreamlike reveries—for you, they’re just part of ordinary, everyday life. But this full moon can amplify your head-in-the-clouds tendencies to the point of neglecting life in the “real world.” Resist the urge toward escapism, and try engaging with objective reality instead—you may find a greater sense of purpose in the process.

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Right now it seems that no matter which way you look, intriguing possibilities and enticing paths are opening themselves up to you. But to get to where you really want to go, eventually, you’ll have to choose just one. This full moon is a great time to get clear on where you’re headed and pick the path most likely to get you there.

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What you’re bringing to the table in the current situation is perfectly obvious—but are others holding up their end of the deal? At this full moon, it’s time to get real about reciprocity in relationships. Just remember, energy can be exchanged in many forms (not just material), so you may have to take a broader view to appreciate their contributions.

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The best perk of being a social butterfly is how interacting with different people lets you express your many different sides. But to have meaningful relationships (with others and yourself), there’s got to be some essential sense of self at the center of it all. This full moon, reflect on who you really are and what you’re all about.

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As any good moral or ethical code will tell you, helping others is just what you do. But taking on too much responsibility for other people’s problems can be self-destructive if you’re not careful to set some healthy boundaries. This full moon, be honest about whether you’re spreading yourself too thin and where you might need to lighten your load.

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You can’t help it—you’ve just got to express yourself! But it’s about so much more than putting your feelings on display. Ideally, it’s about communicating in such a way that others can understand and appreciate where you’re coming from. This full moon, aim at making a more genuine, heartfelt connection with your “audience.”

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Not everyone realizes that you’re such a deep thinker with such a broad range of interests—and considering how much they could learn from you, that’s a real shame. How many more books will you have to read, and how many more classes will you have to take, before you’ll feel qualified to share your knowledge? This full moon says the time is now.

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As a wise person once said, we’re all entitled to own opinions, but not our own facts. That’s something you might want to keep in mind during this full moon when the temptation to exaggerate or bend the truth can be especially hard to resist. Don’t worry; the unvarnished truth can be just as effective for winning an argument or telling a great story.

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With an inner BS detector that’s second to none, you’re quick to pick up on other people’s attempts at playing mind games. This can be a saving grace… if someone is, in fact, trying to manipulate you. But what if they’re simply trying to impart some wisdom? At this full moon, check your paranoia at the door and open up to what someone else can teach you.

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