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Month of May 2020: You're in your element with the sun in Taurus for the first three weeks. But with three planets stationing retrograde, significant developments are unfolding professionally and financially, calling for detours and course corrections.

Saturn entered Aquarius in late March, opening and closing doors related to your profession. Now on May 10, Saturn stations retrograde in Aquarius and retrogrades back into Capricorn on July 1, marking a time of restructuring and rebuilding your career and reputation and sorting, sifting, and solidifying ambitions.

This is an ideal time to rework your website, advertising, and PR or marketing strategy and solidify and put systems in place to support your goals. Also make time to redefine what success means—to you, not by the standards of the world. You can’t please everyone all the time, but be true to your integrity and you can earn the respect you deserve.

As Venus stations retrograde in Gemini on the twelfth, you’re learning information that’s asking you to reevaluate commitments, investments, financial contracts, and situations. You have the resources, opportunities, and skills you need, and you’re worth at least twice as much as you think. What matters are your values. Avoid compromising those at all costs and learn to value yourself. Then you can draw to you the resources, income, or relationships you desire.

Jupiter stations retrograde on May 14 and remains so until September 12. There could be detours or a need to hold off on travel or expansion plans until the path is clear. Use this time to gain perspective on the big picture and explore all your options before you commit to a path.

At the Gemini new moon on May 22, you could be seeking or discovering new sources of income. When one door closes, another opens, and new roads are revealing themselves for you to explore. Stay true to your principles and you can gain financially and deepen your self-esteem. That is priceless.

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