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Month of Oct 2019: Decrease or release! That is October’s theme. The new moon in Libra and your work sign on September 28 shows you where positive energy might be focused for the 30 days after the phase.

The October 1 square between ruling Venus and transformational Pluto suggests overcoming ruminating about the past. What is developing now is different and progressive, and this is perfect timing for efforts as Pluto turns direct.

Two sign changes happen on the third. Mercury in Scorpio opens your eyes, the better to see fresh ideas. An even bigger change is the transit of Mars in Libra and your work sign, something that happens once every two and one-half years. The planet protects your interests without aggression.

On October 7, thinking and communicating Mercury opposes Uranus, planet of unconventional thinking. Absorb new information and concepts today. Present closing arguments quickly with ruling planet Venus in last degrees (“quickly” being the operative word.)

The “decrease” side of the theme appears on the eighth when Venus joins Mercury in your partnership sign. Issues concern sticking with people and things longer than may be wise and/or valuable.

October 14 and October 15 are lucky days to search and send out resumes if job hunting. Meetings and interviews are beneficial under fortunate stars.

Venus trines inspiring Neptune on the twenty-first. Any changes you make today can have a marked effect.

The Scorpio new moon on October 27 sets November’s theme about being productive for first steps.

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