How to Find Your Hidden Passion Number

Your hidden passion number is exactly what it sounds like. It reveals the strengths that can unleash your best self. To find your number, use your full birth name. Even if you have changed your name at some point, such as after marriage, use your name exactly as it appears on your birth certificate. Avoid using nicknames, and don't forget to include any middle names. Each letter of your name has a single digit assigned to it. Write out your full name and write the appropriate digit beneath each letter.

For each A, J and S, write the number one. For each B, K and T, write the number two. For each C, L and U, write the number three. For each D, M and V, write the number four. For each E, N and W, write the number five. For each F, O and X, write the number six. For each G, P and Y, write the number seven. For each H, Q and Z, write the number eight. Finally, for each I and R, write the number nine.

No need to bring out the calculator. Simply make a tally of how many times each number appears. Whichever number appears most frequently is your hidden passion number. If you have a tie, then you are lucky enough to have two hidden passion numbers.

What the Number Means

If your hidden passion number is one, you are no shrinking violet. Your place is in the spotlight. Rather than go along with others' plans, you prefer to be at the head of the pack. Watch out that your natural ambition doesn't make you too bossy.

If your hidden passion number is two, you are a born diplomat who loves to solve conflicts. People often open up to you with their problems or worries. Your patient nature means that you can offer good advice and listen compassionately.

If your hidden passion number is three, you are a social butterfly. Never happier than when other people are flocking around you, you love to perform, entertain, and network. Make sure you don't rely solely on your charm.

If your hidden passion number is four, nothing gets in the way of your success. You don't expect anything to be handed to you, instead working hard to achieve your goals. Everyone who knows you envies your organizational skills.

If your hidden passion number is five, you love adventure almost as much as you love connecting with other people. You have a hard time settling down, preferring to explore different options. Watch out for making rash decisions in the name of excitement.

If your hidden passion number is six, you like to connect with other people in a meaningful way, often in a mentoring role. If you are not careful, you can end up overextending yourself. However, your kind nature inspires the people you help.

If your hidden passion number is seven, there is no puzzle that you cannot solve. While others might be content to take things at surface value, you are always eager to dig a little deeper. If you come on too strong, you might intimidate others with your intelligence.

If your hidden passion number is eight, you have a head for business. Your ambition and energy make you a true go-getter, and your powers of persuasion mean that you are an excellent salesperson.

If your hidden passion number is nine, you are a compassionate, idealistic person who wants to contribute to a better world. Your emotions might get the better of you sometimes, but you are never without a humanitarian goal.

How to Interpret This Information

Maybe your hidden passion sounds like you, but perhaps it does not. You may be feeling disappointed that your name says you're patient when you're really brash, or claims you're a leader when you prefer to follow orders. Just remember, hidden passion numbers are intended to reveal secret strengths. The whole purpose of the exercise is to learn something new.

It is up to you to use this new knowledge to enhance your life. If you discover that your hidden passion number is nine, even if you are busy, make time in your day to volunteer for a local charity and donate to a cause that means a lot to you. If your passion number is a three, even if you are shy, strike up a conversation at a party and get involved with local theater. According the ancient practice of numerology, you might just surprise yourself.

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