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Daily Astroslam


While you may be glowing on the outside (thanks to a good exfoliating scrub), your soul is dull and...

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You'll fight someone to be top dog today. But chances are, you'll be the one who ends up walking...

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Watch your flippant remarks today. You may think that you're poking fun at someone, but they take...

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Showing off isn't going to get you anywhere today. It'll just make you look more vain and...

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You'll exhibit amazing willpower today. You'll eat a half a Twix bar at 4:00 p.m. and then stave...

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You're like a mad scientist lately and your life is your lab. Your disorganization has caused you...

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You're not known for your subtlety or tact, but you're going to have to exercise diplomacy when...

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Stop acting like a stressed out drama queen. Learn how to prioritize or get a prescription for meds...

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A fat cat is more motivated than you are today. Roll out of bed, put your feet on the ground and...

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Think of a new way to communicate with people today. And no, I don't think Morse code or Pig Latin...

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Reevaluate your priorities today. You're focusing on all the wrong things, so you need to reassess...

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Your energy is super high today, so high that you could probably bounce off of your chair and into...

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