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You may get frustrated today, because it seems that something is always in your way! No matter what...

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You can tell that everything is going to go right today, thanks to your good, practical energy and...

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You can draw on reserves of power you never knew you had today, so don't be afraid of getting into...

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Get the party started early today -- you've got all kinds of great energy, and ought to be able to...

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You may stumble onto the mother lode of kibble or some secret exit to the real world outdoors, but...

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You need to get something across to the humans in your life, and it might be easier than usual on a...

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You're feeling the weight of the world, though it doesn't affect your mood -- just your energy...

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You're the one who makes it all happen today, and it's easier than ever for you to use your subtle...

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You need to get back down to earth and deal with real life -- you've had your head in the clouds...

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You can let folks do whatever they want today -- you are so easy-going that you're fine with...

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You're feeling pretty low-key -- all you really want to do is hang out with the humans and let them...

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You need to follow your muse today and not let anyone tell you to stop making art, performing or...

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