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Daily CatScope


Your fascination with all things human is extending to their machines today -- and that could mean...

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You're kind of dithering over something that once seemed certain -- so see if you can just let the...

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You are totally wrapped up in conversation -- of a sort -- with your human buddies. Actually,...

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You're not listening to anything the humans have to tell you today -- that's how sassy you are! The...

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You're feeling pretty great, especially as far as your social situation is concerned. Of course,...

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Today could be all over the place for you, but as long as you do your best, you should have an okay...

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You're not at a loss for things to do today -- it seems as if there's fun and games everywhere you...

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You may need to pull back a bit after a stunt of yours goes awry -- and it may be pretty...

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There's so much to do today that you might feel a little crazy by the time you finally drop into...

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You're a bit less talkative than usual, but the other cats and people in your life should more than...

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You've got an urgent message for the humans, but they're just not listening. It's a good time to...

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You thought you knew the rules, but it turns out things aren't as clear cut as you had believed....

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