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Daily CatScope


You're still not feeling all that great, but you manage to come out of your shell to help a friend...

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You need to say something when you start to feel weird today -- the humans can't read your mind,...

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You don't feel like sharing today, which is unusual for you. If someone wants to play, you may just...

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You feel like spending some quality time on your own today, maybe just grooming or sunning yourself...

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Someone is lavishing you with praise, but you're not sure you want it. Maybe someone else feels...

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Today is perfect for getting together with friends and family and just enjoying each others'...

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You're all riled up for some reason and your emotions may get the better of you at some point in...

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You can practically read minds today, so you should know just what's going on with that one human...

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If you're feeling playful, you're the only one -- but if you're feeling calm, you're still the only...

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It's a good day to get things done -- and yes, cats do have plenty of tasks on their agendas! You...

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Don't worry too much about what's happening when you're in the middle of it -- just react and try...

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You are having a great time with your friends today, no matter what kind of critters they may be....

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