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Don't be led along by your subliminal fears. A simple thing like the date can't really affect your...

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A simple glance at the calendar will bring up some strange emotions. Don't let them become deep...

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You're too intelligent to be sidelined by silly superstitions, but there's no harm in being...

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Being extra careful in business matters is prudent. If you're not sure how to give yourself the...

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The real problem with your money is way beneath the surface. And yet you're looking only at the...

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Your emotional nature is in charge today, and it's making you fearful. The desire to analyze the...

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Why be afraid of changes? When it comes to your finances, things can't get any worse than they...

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When it comes to money, it could be a day of death and destruction or one of rebirth. Whether...

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You're feeling moody and slow, and it's not hard to figure out why. No, it doesn't have to do with...

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It's not a good day for making decisions involving others. You may not be bothered by the day, but...

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Don't be ashamed to admit to yourself that you have the occasional childish emotion. But don't...

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It's more a day of unease than of upheaval, but it's still not the best time to make financial...

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