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Balance your spirit of playfulness with an element of productivity. Tossing a Frisbee in the yard...

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You have a pioneering spirit today, so don't worry about what other people think, just follow your...

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You start doing dishes, then for some reason you go out to the porch to water the flowers. Then the...

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Is there an anniversary that you might be forgetting? Make sure you listen to all of your messages...

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If you're asked to volunteer at the bake sale for the local elementary school, you won't hesitate...

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You're inspired by a sign you see around the neighborhood to join a movement or group. Perhaps it's...

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Little arguments about the cat, the mud tracked indoors, or who waters the houseplants are really...

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Why is it that the plants in the kitchen are doing so much better than those in the living room?...

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A friend of yours may be dropping a hint that she'd like to be invited to join your craft group. Be...

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When you get home from the craft store, you notice that you somehow ended up with your bag and...

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You're reminded that sometimes people do notice the little things. A friend visiting from a foreign...

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Take your pad of watercolor paper, paints, and brushes outside and stop in front of the first scene...

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