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If you don't rise before the sun today, you're bound to pack in as many extra hours into this day...

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Blasting music from the local country station might not be your cup of tea, but try your best to be...

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Comments slide easily off your tongue like melted butter slipping from a dish into a mixing bowl....

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What better way to show off your new interior design than by throwing a little dinner party?...

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In your mind (and perhaps in reality) you are standing atop the table shouting 'magnificent!' and...

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Your urge may be to crawl under your grandmother's crocheted blanket in your bedroom with a book...

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You're inclined not to be able to see the forest through the trees today. Watch out for getting...

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You have a big challenge before you and you're feeling a tad bit stressed. Try to focus on the...

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Sure, you don't have to go to Las Vegas or the races, but it might not be a bad idea today! If...

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Count your change at the hardware store and make sure you really have all the dry cleaning you...

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It is bad enough when your neighbor lingers, chatting in your yard when all you want to do is get...

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How many pots can be on the stove at one time? Today is a day when you'd like to pull out your...

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