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Daily LesbianScope


You need to make the first move if you want to get the object of your desire. You don't have to be...

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Look, if you're feeling like the two of you aren't getting along as well as usual, the best thing...

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You have one thing on your mind today: you. It's okay to focus on your own needs and desires as...

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You're going to have a hard time getting to the end of anything today, but keep at it anyway. It...

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Underneath that blustery and bold exterior is a big softy: sort of like that kitten hiding the lion...

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When things get tough today, and they will, be sure to lean on your friends. These women have your...

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You may not have all the things you dreamed about as a girl, but you still have a life many would...

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You will get almost anything you want if you go after it today, so be careful what you wish for....

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Things may not go the way you had hoped today, but keeping an open mind will make it easier for you...

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You are creating new problems in a lame attempt to avoid the thing that is really bothering you....

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Face it, you aren't getting any younger. A little exercise may make you feel like a few years have...

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Love shouldn't be dramatic all the time. Sure, a little intensity spices things up (especially in...

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