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Daily LesbianScope


You aren't the calmest person on the best of days, but today your emotions are all over the place....

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Follow that little voice in your head. Right now logic and clear thinking aren't your most...

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The world doesn't revolve around you. You might be upset when you can't get what you want, but that...

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Your energy level is surprisingly high, but if you don't find a way to channel this liveliness it...

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Someone will say something which will bruise your ego, but try not to get too bent out of shape...

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You will feed off the energy of your friends, tonight. Their company will boost your spirits, even...

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Don't freak out when all your plans seem like they won't pan out. You're going through a rough time...

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You have the energy to do something really big, but you just don't know what to do. Don't launch...

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You aren't the easiest person to get along with today. You aren't hungry when she is; you want to...

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You're looking at this to find out if you'll get lucky tonight, and guess what? You will, but it...

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It really isn't that big deal. Once you get over it happening you will be able to take care of this...

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If you're wondering what to do tonight, take a look in the paper at the music listings. There's...

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