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Your emotions are dominating your life today, so see whether you can find a good way to work them...

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You are still feeling pretty good about life and may decide that now is the time to ask that person...

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You're feeling crafty or handy -- you want to make something, fix something or otherwise make...

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Your emotions are finally under control, and it feels great. You may want to ask that one hottie...

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It's time to get started on something new -- you can feel an upwelling of good energy coming your...

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You're filled with great social energy -- much more so than usual! Unfortunately, you may have to...

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Though you are tempted to take on some big new project, now is not the time. You may be able to put...

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That big brain of yours is good for more than just daydreaming -- and today you should prove that...

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You may not be exactly sure what's going on with your family, but if you're true to your own moods,...

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Change can be weird and hard to deal with, but on days like today, you don't mind it so much. You...

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Don't panic -- you're just in the middle of a short phase of weird feelings. Things should snap...

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Keep working on that big new thing, even if you have old stuff that seems to need attention too....

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