Virgo Monthly Love Horoscope

Month of May 2023

The dependable Taurus sun conjoins your quick-thinking home planet Mercury on May 1, which helps you logically formulate your thoughts and communicate them very well. And while your delivery might come off as rather stiff, at least you’re able to get your point across so there’s no more doubt about how you feel.

On the sixth, asteroid Ceres goes direct while traveling with your health-conscious sign, which gives you some time to really tap in to how you’re feeling and take care of yourself. If you’ve been through a stressful breakup or recently started an intense new relationship, Virgo, you should definitely take some “me” time.

Fellow earth sign Taurus starts hosting expansive Jupiter on May 16, which is an excellent time to start appreciating the subtle details of a loved one or just love in general. Focus on the senses—the way a partner’s hair smells when you hug them, or the way the light intensifies the color your crush’s eyes. There’s so much beauty in the little things that most people ignore.

When the sun moves into dual-natured Gemini on the twenty-first, love can be up and down. Some people might accuse you of running a little too hot and cold (i.e., being a flake), but you’re just going with the flow of where your emotions take you. You can’t help that your feelings are honestly changing from one minute to the next!

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